Adobe Lightroom 4 – I like :-)

I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom to manage my photos since the first public beta, but I’ve missed some easy way to enter GPS coordinates into my pictures.
With Adobe Lightroom 4, you just mark the photos you want to embed coordinates in, push the “map” menuitem, and browse the map for the desired location. When you have found the spot, simply right-click and select “Add GPS Coordinates to Selected Photos” – and you’re done!!

When the coordinates are in place, zoom out on the map, and you will see your locations marked on the map πŸ™‚

Starting running

Trying to get a healthier lifestyle I ended up buying a Garmin Forerunner 405 watch with HR-monitor.
Now, why buy an expensive watch for running? Well – I know myself, and have learnt the hard way I need something to tell me not to run like *beep*. I’ve done that a couple of times, and ended up with nothing each time – now I want it to be different.

The watch is awesome – telling me when to do what, and making sure to “yell” at me when I’m going too slow / fast. And then there’s the part after running – you get to see how you were doing, where πŸ™‚