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Welcome to my collection of random stuff, including my spotting section, where I’ll try to show the beautiful planes I’m driving around to see.

Heart over Malmö

Scandinavian Airshow wanted to do something special and today we had the honor of them painting with smoke.

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Julgransflygning 2018

The later years The Swedish Airforce have performed what thy call “julgransflygning” – christmastree flights. Unfortunately I was placed too far away for good photos – but the sight was still impressive – 14 Saab JAS-39 Gripen + one Saab 105

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Danish Airshow 2018

Went to Aalborg / Denmark to see the Danish Airshow 2018 on the 10. of June. During a really hot and dry summer this was the only day where it had to rain – and rain heavily. Normally I’m all alone when I go to airshows (quite nice in fact), but this time I went […]

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Flygkalaset 2018

This airshow was in Växjö, Sweden on the 9. of June Finding the place was really easy, and I had a blast of a day. The main event has to be the Swiss Team PC-7 – wow, they we’re _good_

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